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BD Micro-Fine+

BD Micro-Fine+

BD Micro-Fine+ is manufactured by Becton Dickinson, a global medical technology company who develops, designs and sells medical devices. BD Micro-Fine+ is developed from a proprietary needle technology for an optimized and safe delivery of toxins or drugs when injected. The pen needles deliver a precise dose and require minimal effort for the user. The pen needles are designed for single use only and are available in three different needle lengths, with three different sizes in volume per syringe: 
Penkanyle 0,3ml 30G, Penkanyle 0,5ml 29G, Penkanyle 0,5ml 30G and Penkanyle 1,0ml 29G.

The BD Micro-Fine+ line consist of 4 different types:
Penkanyle 0,3ml 30G, Penkanyle 0,5ml 29G, Penkanyle 0,5ml 30G and Penkanyle 1,0ml 29G. These four pen needles differentiate by volume and needle size, to tailor the ideal aesthetic treatment for the patient and to meet the need of both patient and physician.


The 0.3ml and 0.5ml syringes are designed with a one-unit increment scale allowing the practitioner to deliver the correct dose of fillers, toxins or drugs more accurately. The syringes are developed with a patented triple bevel design and a unique lubrication technique, which enhances the injection comfort and reduces the penetration force helping the needle to smoothly glide into the skin. Furthermore, BD Micro-Fine+ pen needles are designed and manufactured after high quality standards making the pen needles a safe choice.


Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers are typically injected via either a 30-gauge, 27-gauge or larger diameter needle depending on the HA particle size as wells as the concentration and degree of cross-linking, which determines the viscosity or thickness of the HA gel. The use of insulin syringes for filler injections can potentially enhance the injection process through more accurate product delivery and placement. This has the potential to produce a more balanced and symmetrical outcome for patients. Additional benefits include less injection pain, less bleeding/bruising and higher levels of patient satisfaction.

Patients undergoing filler injections mostly prefer a procedure that is effective, quick, relatively painless, and associated with minimal downtime, which can be achieved with BD Micro-Fine+ pen needles.