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  • Pluryal Biosculpture 1,1ml

Pluryal Biosculpture 1,1ml

2 Syringes x 1,1ml per pack
€ NaN
5 packs: Save 3% = € 92,15 per pack
10 packs: Save 5% = € 90,25 per pack
20 packs: Save 8% = € 87,40 per pack
30 packs: Save 10% = € 85,50 per pack

This product is only available for customers located within the European Union (EU).

Pluryal Biosculpture is a new innovative product designed to restore and create volume while hydrating the skin and even stimulating collagen production. Pluryal Biosculpture stays in between a skin booster and a filler due to its double effect of filling and hydrating the skin. It is ideal for treating wrinkles and skin laxity, rebuilding facial volume, and moisturizing dehydrated skin. The unique product is a part of the Pluryal Densifiers and is based on pure hyaluronic acid with a light level of cross-linking. It is developed using the Matricyal 3D technology providing a special formula of 3 different molecular weights of highly purified Hyaluronic acid: 1 million Da, 2 million Da, and native hyaluronic acid.

Due to the perfect formula, Pluryal Biosculpture helps to boost collagen production and complement the skin’s natural ability to self-repair by acting on the fibroblasts and stem cell activity. After the injection of Pluryal Biosculpture, the product helps to create collagen over time leaving the skin firmer and younger-looking.

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The pack consists of:

  • 2 x 1,1ml syringes

Key ingredients:

  • Cross-linked hyaluronic acid 25mg/ml

Benefits of Pluryal Biosculpture:

  • Boosts collagen production
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Restores and creates volume
  • A great alternative to Profhilo H+L
  • Developed using the Matricyal 3D technology
  • Based on 3 different HA molecular weights



MD Skin Solutions

MD Skin Solutions is based in Luxemborg and is a European ISO 13485 certified laboratory specialized in developing anti-aging treatments and solutions. MD Skin Solutions have expertise in bio-revitalisation and focus on innovation and safety.


MD Skin Solutions is well known for their Pluryal range, which is a new generation of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers and booster that dramatically reduce the signs of skin aging and provide lasting natural results.


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